How can we configure Outlook Express for receiving e-mail messages?

1. Open Outlook Express. 

2. In the menu bar, go to the Tools drop-down menu and select Accounts. 

3. On the page that shows, click Add and select Mail. 

4. On the wizard page that shows, enter your name in the field and click Next to proceed. Note: this email will appear when you send out emails. 

5. On the page that shows, enter your Email Address and click Next to proceed. 

6. In the form that shows: 
- in the drop-down box, choose POP3 as your incoming server; 
- enter the Mail Server Name for both Incoming Mail and Outgoing Mail; 
- click Next to proceed. 

7.On the page that appears: 
- make sure to enter full email address in the Account Name field; 
- enter mailbox password in the Password field; 
- check the Remember Password box to avoid entering it every time you check or send email; 
- click Next to proceed. 

8. On the page that shows, click Finish to save settings and get back to the list of email accounts 

9. Now that email account is created, select Accounts from the Tools drop-down list in the menu bar. 

10. On the Internet Accounts window, select the newly created mail account and click Properties to edit the settings for your email account. 

11. On the Properties page that appears, choose the General tab and check the settings of your email account. 

Here you can: 
- set the name that will show in your letters 
- set reply email (should be the same as email) 

12. Click Apply and OK to save settings.
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